14 March, 2008

Masturbatory Thoughts

Laying on my bed it is only mid afternoon and I am thinking about your eyes. The way you look at me. A shimmer, a spark of excitement, something I can sense that my body responds to. Even now as I lay under the deep red sheets in a dark corner of my room your eyes have a latent effect on me.

With my own eyes closed you reappear in front of me. Now I can feel the slightest touch of your finger tips on my bare skin. Each touch sends currents of electricity pulsing through my body making my lips tingle and swell. I wait for you to touch me again, to look at me, to connect. Our conversation has little to do with the deeper communication of sensuality. I want to reach out and touch you but I am afraid that I may be too forward. I want to feel the movement of your body, your gestures as they happen. Our intent is quite different in this microsecond.

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