05 March, 2008

Bedroom taboos: 3 sex secrets

If it's a bedroom taboo -- he likes it. If it's far from the conventional missionary position -- he likes it. Like boys, men are often attracted to a challenge and anything off-limits.

A guy may share his sexual fantasies or secrets. He may even question his own desires -- especially if they're not conventional. But here are some sexual secrets and insight into male desires that'll get any man excited!

Sex ideasSEX SECRET #1
Men are visual. He sometimes wants to sit back and enjoy the show. This can mean watching you dance seductively, caress yourself, and truly bring yourself pleasure. Make some noise. Moan. Talk dirty.

This shows him that you're comfortable with your body, tell him you're not some uptight prude who's afraid of letting loose and feeling good. Remember, your turn-on is his turn-on.

If you can let go of your inhibitions and enjoy your own pleasurable caresses -- even pretend that no one is watching -- he'll get hot and bothered and enjoy the challenge of having to wait until it's his turn to do the touching.

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