21 February, 2008

Yes, there is a G-Spot

The G-spot. Is it possible we have never really discussed this apocryphal palace of erogoversy on Jezebel before? Hey, let's end that now. First, the news: the G-spot is not a myth invented by the dark alliance of Cosmo and your lazy high school boyfriend. No, it is real, scientists have confirmed this. (Okay, Italian scientists, but still.) But there is a catch! Not every woman appears to have one. (How long before Roger Ailes gives us exit polling on how the G-spot deficient demographic votes in elections?) Anyway, so here's the other G-tastic news: you can apparently have a collagen injection (a G-shot, of course!) that will make your G-spot more sensitive! You can apparently get one of these shots at a party. Just like Botulinum Toxin! (Just don't get the syringes mixed up!) How do you find out if you have one? And if you don't, can you get one, like with a kidney? read on >>

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