15 February, 2008

Valentine's Day by the numbers

Getting inside the mind of a guy...

81% of men still have mementos from their exes. On the other hand, 42% of guys think their anniversary with their sweetheart tops any other day of the year.

Can you keep a secret?

39% of men and 46% of women confess their secrets to their partners - but 62% of men and 69% of women are more likely to dish to their friends.

42% of men and 35% of women admitted to sending sexually explicit text messages/e-mails/instant messages to someone OTHER than their significant other.

Come on, 'fess up...

Less than half of men (41%) and women (45%) would confess to flirting with someone else. Those numbers decrease as the stakes rise: Only 29% of men and 30% of women would confess to kissing someone else.

On the bright side, almost three in four Americans (73% of women and 72% of men) admitted they felt better after making a confession.

39% of men and 35% of women still have their ex's phone number saved in their phone or BlackBerry.

8% of men admitted they would give their fiancée a cubic zirconium ring rather than a real diamond.

Loving in the workplace...

No longer taboo, office romances are now okay with 59% of New York women and 62% of New York men.

64% of women and 61% of men have confessed to crushing on a co-worker.

33% of men and 32% of women admit they've slept with someone they work with ...

... but only 3% of men and 2% of women admit to doing so in hopes of landing a promotion.

Where romance is headed...

53% of men and 54% of women have Googled, MySpaced, Facebooked or done other online research about a potential date or significant other.

Almost one third of men and women have been in a relationship that began online.

70% of women and 44% of men have received a sexually explicit text message, e-mail or instant message.

Liar, liar, pants on fire...

One in two Americans (53% of men and 54% of women) have lied to get out of a bad date.

So much for coincidence - 62% of women and 53% of men have planned to "bump into" someone on purpose, hoping to spark a love connection.

One in two women (47%) have lied about their weight, as opposed to 20% of men.

32% of men and 43% of women have given a fake phone number to someone they weren't interested in. via

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