22 February, 2008

Sex in the afternoon

And what brings you this little insight into the missing parts of my sensory and literary education? Well, we were taking a break on Sunday afternoon, so naturally we ended up in bed. Sex in the afternoon, always a decadent pleasure. While the rest of the world washes its cars and puts up shelves, we immersed ourselves in carnal gratification.

What would normally have happened is a damn good fuck; First course foreplay, second hard and passionate banging, post-coital cuddles for dessert. It is always a dance. The two (or more ) protagonists circle and cavort, the steps of the dance always different, ever changing. Action and reaction, the lunge and parry, the fall and recover, the challenge and the repost.

Maybe it was Suzanne’s current phallus fixation, or just the alignment of the planets, but either way she ended up giving me one of her legendary blowjobs. She has a technique that is beyond anyone else’s I have ever encountered.

I was already erect when her hand found its way to my groin and discovered my rigid cock. She grasped it with an eagerness that told me her soft lips would soon be embracing it. She threw back the covers and pounced on my unsuspecting member. OK so it wasn’t unsuspecting, but a little surprised at the suddenness and intensity of the oral assault.

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