19 February, 2008

A middle-aged sex maniac

Suzanne Portnoy is a well-off, middle-aged mother. She’s also a brazen sexual adventurer with a steamy bestseller under her suspender belt.

Is Portnoy safe herself? In seven years of wild sex with strangers she can only recall one incident that looked as if it might turn nasty. Paradoxically for a secret life, she sticks to public places; she is regularly tested for diseases she has never caught; she uses condoms. Even when blindfolded in a sex club, the only thing she demands is that male members be properly dressed.

She lost her virginity at 17, was sexually adventurous at university, was made miserable by unrequited crushes in her twenties. She has more than made up for that in middle age by casting a smaller net and turning an ocean of unavailable men into a pond of appreciative specialists. In the real world she might find it hard to hook a handsome banker; she’s too old, too curvaceous and, as she herself says, “hardly Cindy Crawford”, probably too loud and scary to boot. Being single at swingers’ parties, however, makes her hot property; being adventurous makes her a catch; truly enjoying sex makes it all easy for her. Read more >>

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