14 February, 2008

A Friday Night Bedtime Story

You pull her up and clasp her face in your hands. Her white skin is covered in your scent, dripping in your body’s adoration of her many talents. You bring her pink full lips up to you and slowly kiss, tasting yourself while tasting her. You lick her right cheek and then kiss her left. Her chin is slick with your juices and you lick it lightly. She moves, rapidly darting her tongue into your mouth and you kiss deeply, savoring the mixture of your salt and her sugar.

But that wasn’t the moment, either.

Drenched in adoration and still shaking from pleasure you hug her tight. You pull away from her and turn, finding your man. He kisses you deep, frantic to communicate the frenzy you create together as three.

What makes her so different, you wonder. How can it be explained in words? Was it because she was so clever and sensual, and in every way, the most perfect lover of both a man and a woman?

She slides down his chest, while your finger climbs up her spine. He looks at you and smiles, his eyes full of language and emotion. Her lips lick the tip of his cock and he gasps, his eyes look up into nothing then back down into hers. She is a great cocksucker, you see that instantly. She knows how to caress a cock, and you watch her worship it with loving licks and strokes. She takes him deep; all the way down her throat. He breathes in, surprised and controlled, and you kiss him. His back is sweating, and in that moment, you know that she is not merely a great cocksucker. She is a fantastic cocksucker.

And, a very good girl.

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