14 February, 2008

Flirting tips for Valentine's night

TONIGHT is Valentine’s and if you’re off out with the girls or have a hot date planned, you’ll need your flirting skills in top shape.

Time to call in flirting expert Dr. Cecilia d'Felice.

She’s the love doctor who knows a thing or two about bagging a bloke.

Follow her tried and tested tips and you’ll be having the Valen-time of your life...

Tip 1: Reveal intimate details

“The real key to successful flirting for both sexes is to be interested in each other,” says Cecilia.

“The best way to do this is to reveal something intimate about yourself when you get chatting to a guy.

“When I say intimate, there’s no need to tell him the ins and outs of your recent colonic irrigation!

“Just tell him about something fun you did last weekend and then ask what he did.

“If you’re enthusiastic, that will encourage him to talk about himself. Then you’ve got the ball in play and it keeps on rolling.”

Tip 2: Let him know you like him

“Men fear rejection so it’s crucial you make him feel that you like him.

“Do this and he’ll be more interested in you than any other girl in the room – however gorgeous they are.

“You do this by NOT playing hard to get. If he’s acting interested in you, then be interested in him back.

“Next you’ve got to admire him, so tell him his suit or tie looks great. It’s shorthand for saying ‘I like you’ and will make him feel good about himself.” Read on >>

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