20 February, 2008

Church Sex

You called me, breathless. You had left church. "I don't know why" was all you could say. "I needed you. I needed you to come for me." You sat in your car, I could hear the noise of traffic in the background. I was just getting dressed for church myself. I had on my make-up. The Bible you had sent me was laying on the bed next to my dress.

I stood in my bedroom looking around. I had on only my panties. But I was dry. I was not ready for this. I moved my dress and placed the Bible on the nightstand.

You told me how you wanted me. Where I should touch myself. "Pull the mirror up to the bed and take a picture for me. I want to see you finger your asshole." I did as I was told, thinking that I shouldn't. Thinking how wrong this was. We have been able to separate our normal lives and routines from the time we spend together, but this was one of those rare moments when worlds collide and the overlapping of daily life and our darker desires firmly implant themselves in a field where they do not belong.

"I want you to put your dildo in your ass. I want you to push it in deep."

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