21 January, 2008


Laying with my legs spread wide, he straddles my face. It is not for me to suck his dick. On the contrary, he does it to get a better position. I feel his tongue swirling over my clit as my body clings to the sensation. It will not give me an orgasm, but my body is humming and he knows it. I feel his fingers slide into me, and I realize suddenly that he is bringing those words to life, those words that I tried to hide but he knew anyway. Inside I panic. If my thighs weren’t pinned by his elbows, I would close my legs. What if some things are better left in the fantasy realm? But, I can feel his desire as another finger slips into my growing wetness. His tongue continues to swirl, and the questions begin to swirl and fade in my mind. I can no longer voice my dissent as my hips rise up to offer my cunt to him. My body has taken over as my mind begins to unravel and lose focus.

I feel a tug and pressure. My insides are swimming to the rhythm of his tongue. More pressure. Soon, my pussy begins to burn. And, I know that he is stretching me open. His tongue has stopped its dance on my clit as his head lifts up to watch my lips spread open. With fingers from both hands just inside my cunt, he is slowly pulling me apart on both sides. He is admiring how my lips become taut and reddish. He is admiring how my clit peeks out from under its hood, a rare sight. He is watching my juices drip from between his fingers and roll down towards the bed. His weight shifts forward slightly as his head dips down to lick up the trail. The burning becomes a smoldering warmth that expands through my thighs and up into my abdomen. My breath burns as I try in vain to not suck it in and hold it to ward off the dull pain. Even my toes tingle.

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