28 January, 2008

Swingers Handbook

Is swinging becoming a part of the mainstream sex culture in America? It's probably too early to say "yes", however it is making its way into the mainstream media and even into our every day lives. The fact that alternative lifestyles, whether swinging, gay or any other, are out there is something that people are now becoming aware of even though they may not understand or agree with them.

In the mainstream American culture it is no longer safe to assume that if a couple is committed or even married - they are monogamous in their sexual relationship. As many surveys ( not that you need any of them for this one) show - most people cheat on their loved ones at least once during their relationship. So, it is a reality now that most people, no matter how much in love and committed they are to their partners, have strong desires to experience other people's sexualities. Sex is becoming something that men, and now more and more women, are able to separate from love. Therefore, sex with people other than your husband or wife is becoming more of a recreational activity rather than a deep emotional experience and expression of love. Read more >>

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