26 January, 2008

Forbidden Fruits

The wrongness of it all is crystal clear to us.
It really isn't something that we even dare discuss.
And yet the pain of choosing cuts me like a knife.
Whether I chose wisely, I'll wonder all my life.

Forbidden fruit you tempt me,
Like I've not felt before.
I won't forget your smiling face
walking out the door.

Your closed eyes on my pillow is what I long to see.
Clearly what I've picked in life is anything but free.
Thoughts of you always compose my perfect fantasy.
I wonder if you're as fantastic as I would have you be.

Forbidden Fruit, Forbidden fruit,
I'll never have you, I know.
But just remember, all your life,
You're special, even so.

author unknown


Will said...

~~Why is this author "unknown"!?

Really love this lyric/poem..

..and, the pic: lovely strawberries! (wink*)


badgirl33 said...

found this poem on a website and there was no name hon...