29 January, 2008


“I wonder what you would taste like … with champagne.”

The sudden chill wetness is electrifying. She gasps aloud, her body convulsing as the champagne is poured between her buttocks; sparkling streams flooding over her anus and the lips of her sex, along the oiled cleft and down the insides of her thighs. The startling mix of heat and cold is simultaneously agonising and delectable. Liquid ants crawling and exploding all over her most intimate flesh. For a few seconds, the sensations are so overwhelming, she’s afraid she’ll lose control, that she won’t be able to hold back from adding her own hot liquid rush to the flow.

The champagne slows, and then stops. One final drop splashes against her sex. At once, he’s behind her. His strong hands cup her buttocks as he eases her flesh apart. His hot tongue rakes up through her cleft, and he laps the wine from her sex with fervour. Clitoris to cunt and back again, over and over and over. The tip of his tongue rims her ass, flicking lecherously across the puckered rosebud, making her gasp with dark pleasure. Then his fingers are on her labia, and he’s opening her like a succulent fruit, his tongue pressing deep inside her, rolled stiff to fuck her. It makes her crave the deeper penetration she knows him capable of. She yearns for his thick cock to fill her cunt through a golden, effervescent curtain.

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