06 December, 2007

Women: Masturbate intellectually

Orgasm for one, please.

Because do women really need partners to figure out what feels good? No, we don't. And when we take the time to explore our bodies, it gives more benefits than just a few moments of absolute bliss and mind-numbing exhilaration.

"When you explore your body, you are more able to communicate what you like," said Nandi Crosby, a sociology professor. "It's like, you know, you explore your body and bam."

And sometimes, you just have to take care of your own business when you're ridiculously horny. When you are aroused, a one-person venture down south is a much better decision than calling a jerk ex with whom the sex is great, Crosby said.

"It's a benefit to do it myself and not call anybody and risk feeling like shit the next day," she said.

Self-pleasure is just one more aspect of sexuality that is portrayed differently for men and women. Female masturbation is talked about just as much as male masturbation but with different terms, Crosby said.

Men's terms for the action are more aggressive. When women masturbate, it's seen as erotic, sexy and partners want to watch.

Some women are more closed about it than men, said senior Armando Maldonado.

"You don't hear women talk about it as explicitly as guys," Maldonado said.

This could be blamed on society's gender scripts for men and women.

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