17 December, 2007


They didn't say a word to each other, there was no need, she walked over to his side of the table, stopping only to suck his bottom lip between her own, biting down onto the firm flesh before slipping under the table.

She knew she didn't have long, that the rest of the staff would be back in the conference room all too soon, but she couldn't stop herself. She wrapped her lips slowly around his cock, taking in just the head, already shining with pre-cum. He moaned softly and slouched lower in the chair to afford himself a better view. She couldn't help but smile to herself, relaxing her throat to allow him to push further. Her fingers wrapping around the end of his thick shaft, moving them to match the rhythm of her lips.

She let her tongue rub along the underside of his cock, finding that one sensitive spot that appeared to make every muscle in his body flex. She moved up and down the shaft, allowing her teeth to scrape over the taut flesh before increasing the pressure as she sucked. His hips bucked slightly, but she pushed him back into his chair, holding him firmly in place.

The noise of the conference room door opening, and the bustle of people returning to the table startled her, and yet she found herself incapable of stopping. She heard her boss asking where she had gone, and his nonchalant reply, and yet she still could not stop. The meeting started up again, her absence being added to the minutes. She stilled herself for a moment, allowing him to rearrange himself in his chair slightly.

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