05 December, 2007

Bend Over Boyfriend

In 1998 Fatale Video released Bend Over Boyfriend, the first instructional porn film to highlight female-to-male anal penetration via dildo. While ostensibly a how-to tape, the film’s subtext is female sexual pleasure and empowerment through role-reversal.

The sequel, Bend Over Boyfriend 2: More Rockin’, Less Talkin’, brings this theme to the forefront. Yes, we see male anal pleasure, but the woman has taken charge as both consumer and penetrator. As Ragan Rhyne explains, the film “demystifies and promotes sex-themed consumption” by featuring an “act of penetration that can be achieved through the purchase of a dildo and a harness.”

This column will be about trying new things. Me trying new things by myself, me trying new things with other people, and other people trying new things and telling me about them. In honor of the first column and the start of a new semester, I decided to try “bending over.”

The first step was acquiring the necessary materials. My partner and I bought everything at the Babeland sex toy store. The purchase was a two-parter; dildo and harness. You can actually buy them together in a beginner package, but we were advised to buy separately: higher quality for less money, as long as you get help picking out the right stuff (e.g. the snazzy furry purple leather harness).

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