19 November, 2007

Why guys want two women

Why do guys fantasize about being with two women, neither of whom may want much to do with him? What are some cross-cultural differences in desire? And is it so wrong for an old woman to get it on with a young stud? t is a misnomer to say “two lesbian women” is a “universal” male fantasy. Maybe some guys have that idea in their heads, but the more universal fantasy is for a guy to be with two very hot, basically heterosexual women who are so turned on by the guy they lose all control and play with each other. It’s really all about us. (But you knew that.)

In our fantasy, the two women fall under our spell as we stand with hands on our hips, our lordly sex organ inspiring awe. We throw our heads back with a conquering laugh. And then the two women proceed to please us in many and sundry ways, which may include performing naughty lesbian sex for our kingly amusement. Why do you think there are thousands of pictures floating around the Internet of girls making out with each other on nightclub dance floors? They are not all lesbians.

Besides, two mouths and four hands can do oh so much more to our bodies than one woman alone. Plus, we needn’t worry about our own performance because we’ve got an extra helper attending to any unoccupied territory. Even a sex god can’t be everywhere at once, you know. Read on >>

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