01 November, 2007

When you wake me up

I slipped out of bed (silently, I thought) and padded into the bathroom to get a drink of water and brush my teeth.

I like the feel of a clean mouth, rinsing with cold water, the minty gel taste in the toothpaste as I carefully brush my teeth and gums, the sides and roof of my mouth, and yes, even my tongue !

And then, padded back to bed, not wanting to wake you.

Slipping under the covers on my side, I snuggled my back against the familiar comfort of your chest, fitting the curves and angles of you perfectly...

Two spoons, side by side, so well aligned.

And then... gradually... I felt that delicious twitching against my silky skinned bottom... The thickening and hardening that let me know that part of you at least, was becoming very awake...

Mhmmmmm. I shifted slightly, the better to feel you, feel you there... yes, there... getting slightly moist just at the thought of your being inside me.

Your arm reaches around me lazily, purposefully... Cups my breast, squeezes its fullness gently, pauses. holding me there, thumb lazily brushing a pink-tipped nipple... Moves down my belly, sure, slow...

Reaches me where I'd gotten a Brazilian wax just yesterday (as a surprise for you !) and your warm finger begins to move slightly just back and forth against the edge of my lips...

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Loving Annie said...

Thank you for posting my story, BadGirl ! You are`so sweet to send people to my blog like that - thank you !

And gorgoeus graphic, btw :)

Hope that you are having a happy Thursday.

Loving Annie

badgirl33 said...

your stories are very sensual and erotic Annie :) I'm sure my visitors will enjoy them as much as I do.