29 November, 2007

Vagina Quiz


Loving Annie said...

I'm ashamed of mine. It looks nothing like the girls in Playboy.

Will said...

I cannot think of the vagina as being "ugly"...
That's a word I wish didn't exsist in the English language (slim chance it'll ever go out of usage though [note: I didn't say "Fat" chance...but, that's another word,..]

There is a point where ideas of beauty should never be applied. As a man, I can say that the vagina, in all of it's many inlets, and crevices; shapes & sizes, and, clit-prominent, or clit-shy have all their own properties of beauty.

What you see in Playboy, is, when you come right down to it, an air-brushed version of the real thing.
The real thing, unvarnished, is far more attractive...I dare say,

Hope you don't mind a male perspective on this. There is really no "ideal" vagina.

(can you imagine holding the penis to these kinds of standards! Heaven forbid!)_


badgirl33 said...

your opinion is always very welcome hon :) and I agree to it.

Abbey said...

I havnt seen many, but I think they would be all beautiful (does that sound naive?)

your right about the airbrushed playboy version...non of my 'bits' are like that, but I damn well love every part I have...

mens bits...ha ha...e