14 November, 2007

Show Time

EIGHT brave lads catch up on the latest nudes - in between rehearsing for a naked musical.

They're the stars of a new comedy show - called Get Naked! The Boys Are Back In Town - who are enjoying their first-ever UK tour at the moment.

And their mix of jokes and Johnsons have been going down a storm with women across the land.

But the guys - who are aged between 20 and 38 - are keen to stress they aren't the new Chippendales.

"It's nothing like that," laughs Dutch actor Iwan Dam, who strips in the show.

"Eighty per cent of our audiences are women and they always get really excited at the start.

"For the first 20 minutes all they look at is our willies.

"But after that they don't even notice we're naked anymore. Read more >>

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