02 November, 2007

Sex Tips For Virgins

1) Be SURE you're ready to have sex

You may be asking, "Yeah, but, how do I know if I'm totally sure?"

The answer is very simple. Ask yourself very bluntly, "Am I ready to have sex?" If your answer is anything other than an instant, "Yes!", with no other explanations or "becauses" added on, then you're not ready.

You may balk at that, but trust me on this one. If the answer is, "Well, I think so," you're not ready. If it's, "Yes, because it'll make my boyfriend/girlfriend so happy," you're not ready. It it's, "Yes, because at my age, people will think it's weird if I haven't had sex yet," you're not ready. If it's "Yes, because everyone else I know is already having sex, and I'm the only one who hasn't, and I'm a loser," you're not ready (and by the way, at least some percentage of "everyone else you know" is lying to cover up, trust me).

2) Be realistic

The popular conception of one's first-time is that it supposedly "should" be this sacred love bond between two people. But conceptions are not necessarily realities. The real truth is that some people will arrive at that "Yes!" feeling as a result to having that kind of deep spiritual love connection with their partner. But some people's "Yes!" feeling will come from a surge of sheer lust--a physical need to fulfill a sexual drive. Either of those is entirely okay (so long as you don't try to fool your partner into thinking you feel something you don't, either way). And some may get to "Yes!" through an altogether different set of feelings than either of those. However, regardless of what got you to "Yes!", it's best to not build up your first time with SO much expectation that you are bound to be disappointed.

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erotisan said...

i love this post. very clever. except... i say it's important to always be unrealistic in mind and perception if you know what i mean ;-)


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Loving Annie said...

It took me more than a year before I really began to enjoy it...