07 November, 2007

How to have a good ex

Sex writer Emily Dubberley says it's about time we all got a little ex-iquette in our lives.

'If you expect your exes to be nice to you, then it's only fair that you share the joy by being a flawless ex yourself,' says Emily.

That's acting like normal, rational adults with our former flames.

It should be easy, but even the best of us can turn ugly stalker, unable to let go or say a nice word about our last love.

Drunken dialling, 'just-one-last-time' sex and disapproving of everyone they date after us. It's hard being an ex.

Here are Emily's top tips on respecting your ex!

Rule one: Get closure

Make sure that when you ask to see someone to get closure, you aren't just using it as an excuse to see your ex one last time.

Ask the questions you need answered, get them resolved and then pack that relationship up into a bundle marked 'history'.

Rule two: Have some self respect

There's no point staying friends with an ex you find as interesting as grouting the bathroom or having sex with an ex because you feel you should rather than because you want to.

That doesn't make you a good ex: it makes you a sucker, with possible martyr tendencies.

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