24 November, 2007

Face To Face

As I looked from the bed, to the desk, and back to Mark, he was closer, held me, and kissed me. There it was, the feel of a man’s lips on mine, the feel of his tongue beginning to explore my mouth. The newness and at the same time the familiar made it easy for me to trust him and begin my own exploring.
As I warmed up and seemingly melted into him, he seemed to take over. After so long without the true and real attention of a man I was ready to succumb. I was more than willing to just let him be the aggressor and take me.

Then he seemed to read my mind, and took over. He undid my zipper to take my dress off. He was pleased that I had obeyed his requests, and told me so. I stood there in front of him smiling, wearing black stockings with a lace and satin garter belt. My prettiest bra was a lace maroon one and I was still in my shoes.
He removed my bra deftly and flicked his tongue across my nipples, quickly and just once. I softly moaned.
“I can’t wait to hear more of those moans Deb, it’s so much better than an email”
I assured him that he wouldn’t be disappointed.
"Now, get on the bed" he commanded
Sparks flowed through me when I heard him say that.
I crawled onto the king sized bed with child like abandon.
He came over with bondage bands and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed.

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