22 November, 2007

Are older men hotter in bed?

So what is it about the more experienced man that gets us all going?

Older men are more patient, says sex and relationship expert Flic Everett.

They don't have as much to prove as younger men, and are more concerned, generally speaking, with the woman's enjoyment, rather than just chasing their own orgasm.

They see the bigger picture and are often more sensual, as they've learned it isn't just about scratching an itch, but spending time exploring all of her body.

Older men know themselves, and so they're less arrogant.

They normally have less testosterone than younger men, so are less competitive and moody in relationships.

Surely there must be some downsides?

Older guys get tired more easily, says Flic.

If you're a five times a night girl, he won't be able to keep up. Quality not quantity is usually their view on sex.

Most, however, have learnt that there are plenty of other ways to give a girl a good time, and are much more practised at them than younger men.

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