20 November, 2007

Appreciate your vagina

This year, Memorial University celebrates 10 years of V-Day, a movement which sprung from The Vagina Monologues, and what better way to celebrate 10 years of vagina appreciation than taking care of your own.

Many of us like to shy away from talking about what goes on down there, but the more informed we have about our lady parts, the better we can take care of them. Like the common breast screening exam, vaginas require a yearly exam as well. That's right, I'm talking about our little friend the Pap smear.

Though some people, myself included, find these incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes painful, Pap smears play an important role in vaginal health. They help detect early signs of cervical cancer and other abnormal cervical cells, so that little embarrassing procedure could actually save your life.

Just because it isn't time for your yearly Pap smear doesn't mean you shouldn't go get a check up though; it's always a smart idea to talk to your doctor about any sort of irritations or problems you might be having. Catching problems early is the best way to prevent real damage, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Of course, there are more then just medical ways to take care of your vagina. Brazilian and bikini waxes have become extremely popular in recent years. Many women find waxes make them feel cleaner and give them a neater look. Read on >>

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