15 November, 2007

Allergic to semen?

Semen allergy's symptoms include painful twinges in the genitals, genital soreness, hot genitals and red blotches like a rash that appear in the external areas of the sex organs. At times, a semen allergy can be discovered following sex without a condom. Putting it simply, using a condom from go to whoa is the best way to prevent a disease and thus be an effective treatment at the same time. Prevention is the best medicine.

But, what caused the semen allergy? Semen is made up of seminal fluid and prostate fluid and has sperm swimming inside it. Some recipients of ejaculated sperm (in this case, it was the woman's body) treat the presence of semen as an invasion by a foreign object. The most common explanation of why semen allergies occur is that the body that receives the semen treats it as a foreign object and reacts to try and expel it by bringing about an allergic reaction. Plainly speaking, this is either an immunological reaction or an antigen-antibody reaction. When the body's immune system brings about a reaction, it can sometimes lead to the symptoms that the woman who mailed me described.

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