08 November, 2007

5 Ways to Get Frisky on a Snowy Night

Forget hot chocolate. These racy sex taboos will not only heat up a cold night; they'll have you wishing for a blizzard! That way your office will call a snow day and you can do it all over again tomorrow. (Anyone who says chocolate is better than sex has things all wrong.)

Play Dress Up

Nurse outfits, baby-doll lingerie, catwoman suits… the idea of playing dress up, or fantasy role-playing, turns some women on — and makes others roar with laughter. Yes, you do pay through the nose for these outfits at sex shops, and they're not terribly well made either. But if you have the money and you're game for experimenting, why not?

If you're less than convinced, shift your thinking from traditional (read: expensive) role-play outfits to simply putting together a sexy, home-spun ensemble. High heels? Check! Stockings? Check! Long, black, satin gloves and a push-up bra? Check! And that's really all you'll need to be totally sexed up without even feeling (terribly) silly.

If you're still too shy to suggest the idea of role-playing, wear the outfit under a little black dress and let him peel off the layers to find the surprise underneath. (You can always pull on the gloves afterward.) And his “costume” is simple: No shirt. Jeans with the top button unfastened. Done. (That way you can see those sexy “penis pointer” muscles on his hips!)

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