12 October, 2007

The worst bedroom offences can be a huge turn-on

Thou shalt... be lazy
It might be the done thing to take the lead in bed and jump on him in a frenzy of passion, but try lying back and letting him be the boss. An ancient tantric directive tells lovers to take turns pleasuring each other.
Thou shalt...smell natural
Yes, it's lovely to smell fresh, but if he grabs you as you walk in the door from your step class, don't fight him off. Your sweat is full of natural pheromones. Just make sure your underarms are dewy-fresh, rather than aged like ripe cheese!
Thou shalt...laugh
Passion is a serious thing and you must gaze almost menacingly, like a tigress on heat, at your lo-vah... Not! Laughter can dispel tension leaving you open to frisky feelings - plus it can help you swap too- romantic encounters for just-for-fun sex.
Thou shalt...wear cosy pyjamas
Sexy underwear is much appreciated, but if you ditch the underwire-laceup-patent-leather-spikey stuff and plop onto the sofa in PJs you'll show him a new dimension that'll have him thinking you're the most adorable sexy tomboy. Let him see the natural sexy you!
Thou shalt...be really, really greedy
Mustn't take more than our share. Mustn't appear too demanding, lest we damage the fragile male ego. Wait a minute! Forget that - forever. Being clear about your nooky needs, means you'll provide him with an ego-boost and a fantasy fulfilled - a porn movie right there in his bedroom.
Thou shalt...be ignorant
Whether you're with a new lover or a comfy old boyfriend, you should periodically check in to ask, ‘Is this how you like me to touch you?' ‘Want to show me what feels good?'. Regardless of how many tricks you have up your sleeve this is the best way to learn more.
Thou shalt... flaunt your flab
Up to now you've positioned yourself so ‘problem areas,' such as that bootylicious bum or extra belly, are camouflaged. But let it all hang out, after all most men are thrilled to be there. If you wear a robe to bed and just reveal the necessary bits of you, you'll ruin your pleasure - and his.
Thou shalt... say NO!
Thoughtful sexual etiquette means steering him away from the nipple pinch with a coy request such as, "I like it when you do this." But there's something to be said for clear instructions and definite boundaries. Just say so if something is not to OK, confidence is sexy.

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