08 October, 2007

What's your perfect sex position?

Tired of the same old sex positions? Need to spice things up in the sack? iVillage is here to help! Our Perfect Position Selector tool is a virtual Kama Sutra that's personalized just for you. We consulted super sexpert Tracey Cox for the lowdown on which positions work best for a variety of needs… now better sex is right at your fingertips! Just answer a few quick questions, and the tool will deliver your position prescription, just like that. After all, we wouldn’t want you suffering through the same old routine every night! We’ll show you the best sex positions for your energy level, height and flexibility, and his—um—size. You may even find one that becomes your new favorite! Ready for your results? Go ahead and use it daily (or nightly), and thank us in the morning.

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