04 October, 2007

Top female fantasies

Fantasy #1: He's a virgin ‑- and you're Mrs. Robinson

Why it appeals to you: It's a power game and "forbidden" sex for both parties, which is always a guaranteed libido-lifter.

What you'll need: A "sexy secretary"-type outfit works for this one: a long pencil skirt, shirt unbuttoned to show off a push-up bra, stockings and high heels.

The action plan:

The trick to this one is to move very slowly at first. You're seducing him, and he's struggling ‑- torn between ripping off your clothes and worrying about the consequences. (What will his mom say if she finds out? Is she really seducing him or is he reading too much into it?) Say you're going to fix a drink for each of you, then lead him into the lounge room with your drinks. He sits on the couch, you sit on a chair opposite, crossing your legs and hiking your skirt high. He's not sure where to look. Make general chit-chat (the sort of stuff you'd ask your son's friend, if you have/had a teenager), then take the conversation to another ‑- saucier ‑- level. Tell him you don't think your husband finds you attractive anymore. Ask him, Does he think you're attractive? What bits? Why? Let him squirm with embarrassment as he tries to be diplomatic ‑- and tries to hide his erection. Read on >>

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