24 October, 2007

Thrust into the limelight

Get your beautiful mug—and other parts—onto the silver screen.
Wanna get paid to bump uglies? Make bouncy? Other euphemisms? Slow down, shooter. There’s a lot more to it than disrobing and donning a love glove. We asked Jack Hafferkamp, who casts for Chicago’s Libido Films, to lay out the essential steps to breaking into the porn industry.

You oughta be in (naked) pictures
Get someone to shoot flattering nudie photos of you. A four-part composite should do the job—but be sure to show off your body (a.k.a. the moneymaker).

Fade in the bow chicka wow wow
Make your own video. Seriously. Show it to your friends. Watch it yourself. Yeah, gross—but if you can’t take that kind of heat, stay out of the proverbial kitchen. “I can’t tell you how many people get cold feet the day before a shoot,” Hafferkamp says. Also, avoid posting the video on funnyordie.com. Read more >>

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