26 October, 2007

Sweet Possession

Later He told me He had planned to do nothing but fall into an exhausted slumber, but when He saw me there lost in peaceful dreams He lost His desire to sleep. He said there was something very innocent about the way i looked in my little white satin cami and panties, with one hand over my head and one resting on my tummy, that filled Him with a feeling of possessiveness.

i was asleep so i am not sure what happened after He first saw me lying there, but i like to imagine Him dropping His laptop bag, loosening His tie and undressing without taking His eyes off me for a moment. i imagine that He was was filled with a need to stake His claim, to reassert His ownership, to possess. i also like to imagine that this sudden fierce possessive feeling was tempered with a surge of tenderness. This is all speculation since i have no idea what He was really feeling (but a girl can dream).

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