16 October, 2007

Make the most of your lust hour...

Your libido hits its peak at midday, so grab your man - not a sandwich for a speedy quickie

Recent research shows the best time for sex is around lunchtime. So here are some sure-fire ways to get powerful orgasms in your lunch hour.

Lunch hour quickie #1 Power Foreplay
Get yourself in the mood for a rendezvous by sending him naughty texts of your lunchtime suggestions. You could up the thrill factor by indulging in a little picture messaging. You'll be so worked up when you meet, it'll only take one sexy kiss and you'll be ripping each other's clothes off.

Lunch hour quickie #2 Be creative
When there isn't enough time for full between-the-sheet action indulge in oral sex in a secluded location where you know no-one will spot you. For a truly explosive treat book yourself a cheap hotel room and try out some role playing fantasies.

Lunch hour quickie #3 Choose your position carefully
Doggy-style is one of the best positions for quicker-than-lightening orgasms and hitting your G-spot, plus he'll love the deep penetration. Other blow your mind positions include the missionary where his pubic mound can stimulate your clitoris, and face-to-face sex, where you stand or lean against a wall, so you can stimulate your clitoris during penetration.

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