01 October, 2007

The Joy Of Breasts

We are all fascinated by them: their artistry, biology, size, receptiveness to handling. So just what is it about a great pair of knockers?
We Brits, we love a pair of breasts. From Diana Dors to Barbara Windsor, Sam Fox to Jordan, some of our best-loved national treasures have come to light thanks to their, er, treasures. And Keeley Hazell, The Sun’s latest Page 3 “stunna” to hit the big time and our model on these pages, is doing her bit to keep the tradition alive. You may not instantly recognise her, but we assure you, you’ve seen her before: right now, the 21-year-old’s heroic bazookas can be seen plastered across the sides of buses with nothing but a couple of strategically placed 10p pieces for cover.

Like all Page 3 girls, Hazell’s big selling point – apart from the obvious – is her normality. It all started for this quintessential girl next door three years ago, when she won The Sun’s Page 3 Idol, and since then readers have been treated to her bounteous baps countless times. Nuts, FHM and their ilk have been quick to follow, and a career in television beckons. As she sweetly puts it: “I’m not the prettiest woman in the world, and I haven’t got the best body, but I’ve got a good amount of both. It’s about the whole package.”

And quite a package it is, with its tiny, nipped-in waist, long, glossy locks and amazing 32E boobs (all natural, thank you very much). She’s not going to win any prizes for conversation, but she seems sweet enough (“Yeah, they all start out like that,” remarks her manager grimly, who has also crafted the careers of Kelly Brook, Holly Valance and Imogen from Big Brother).

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