31 October, 2007

Flirting Faux Pas Women Make in Bars

These bartenders have seen 'em all

Social lubrication (read: having a cocktail) is a common way to gain the confidence to approach men. But once a great guy is in front of you, what should you do and say to keep his attention? Who better to ask but bartenders? Between pouring drinks, they watch men and women interact all night long… So they know what works — and what doesn't. Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas witnessed so many women try (and fail) to pick up men in bars that they wrote a book about it. In this excerpt from You Didn't Hear It from Us, Zaric and Kosmas set the record straight by revealing the top mistakes women make with men they've just met. Check yourself against this cheat sheet of flirting faux pas, and you're guaranteed better luck on your next night out!

You Disconnect, on Purpose or Not
Obviously, if you don't want to talk to the guy anymore, or you're looking to get out of the bar in general, slowing down the conversation or pulling back a bit is natural. But sometimes we've watched women who swear to us they were really into the guy seem to suggest they'd rather be home knitting. A lot of times it's because they get scared they're being too forward, so they tone it down a little bit to make the guy want more. But the thing is, guys aren't subtle. They don't see that they're supposed to mix the outgoing person you were 10 minutes ago with the reserved person you've just become, and presto! They've seen the real you. Because while you think you're playing coy, you're actually just reading cold. Read on >>

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