27 September, 2007

Sex Up Your Blog Life

In the 90s we all talked about sex - now we blog on it.

And this week Billie Piper appears in sexy new tv series Belle du Jour, based on hit blog Diary of a London call girl.

That Belle has caused quite a storm since she started jotting down her erotic encounters online.

Suddenly having your own sex blog is all the rage.

Every girl about town is bragging about their minxy misbehaviour.

And the best bit? You can reveal your most scandalous shenanigans without divulging your identity.

It’s a win-sin situation.

So in the name of beducation, here are the top five flirty blogs on the net right now…

Confessions of a sex writer

Scarlet magazine’s Editor at Large, Emily Dubberley is the sexpert behind this must read blog.

It’s first stop for everything new in sex-world for women.

Plus there's updates on Emily’s latest crazy escapades as a sex writer.

Erotic reviewer

McBirdie is a sex blogger for online erotic shop LoveHoney.

The girl with the double life reviews naughty toys on our behalf!

She says: “I spend my days working in mental health research and my evenings getting up to various shenanigans - most of which show up online.” Read on >>

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