27 September, 2007

Long Distance Lovin'

The next night, my last night away from home, I emailed my lover a second set of photos. And I told him exactly what I wanted him to do with them.

"Strip in front of your laptop, baby, with my dirty photos on the screen. Stroke that beautiful cock of yours for me, and tell me how much you like my naked body," I texted cell phone to cell phone.

He obliged and begged me to give him more instructions, to make him my sex slave for the evening, to turn him into a whimpering pile of emasculated man. With those wishes firmly resounding in my mind's ear, I couldn't wait to get home and practice the same game in person. But first, I had to finish him off.

"You're such a good boy. Take good care of that beautiful cock, because I'm going to make good use of it when I get home. Now, I want you to come all over my face. Flip me over, and come on my ass."

He obeyed, and I reached a new level of sexual excitement. "Now, I want you to lick that cum off my ass. Clean my crack with the tip of your warm tongue."

I could practically feel the waves of his exploding orgasm across the miles. And I became a huge fan of long distance lovin'. Read more >>

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