29 September, 2007

Friendly Advice

I have shelves and shelves of books full of advice on sex and relationships, but not a single one addresses it. I know why, though - because it's never been done successfully.

Okay, maybe that's not entirely true. I know at least two people who've pulled it off. They'd been friends for years. They're getting married this year.

My first experience of trying to get more friendly with a friend was ugly. It was in high school. I invited a buddy of an ex-boyfriend to the grad "just as friends." I'd been lusting after him for a while but knew his loyalty to my ex would preclude me asking him on an actual date. I figured I could play along with the "just friends" bit, then ply him with alcohol and take advantage of him. It worked (remember, kids: loyalty and alcohol don't mix), but even as we were going at it in the plush surroundings of his shag-carpeted van, I knew it was trouble. Sure enough, he regretted his actions by the sober light of day and, worse still, our friendship was never the same again. Read more >>

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