20 September, 2007

Faking Cybersex orgasms

“You make me so wet. I’m rubbing myself so hard. Oh my God, I’m going to come!”

If you’ve ever had cybersex in a chat room, chances are you’ve read—or written—sentences like these. Amidst mmm’s and oh yeah’s, they appear in transcripts from even the most uninspired romps. It’s not hard to understand why cybering and orgasms so often go together. Cybersex is hot; getting hot makes you want to come. For a lot of people, real-life orgasm is the only reason to have cybersex at all. With one hand on their keyboards and the other down unzipped pairs of pants, these people are the well-coordinated mutual masturbators, hunt-and-pecking steamily while they stroke.

At least, that’s the idea. The fact of the matter is though, even the words “I’m going to come” are easier to type with two hands. Which raises the question: when someone tells you they’re orgasming during cybersex, how do you know for sure? Read on >>


Rocco Tool said...

People don't understand that online sex is all about fantasy. So what if the person isn't coming at that second in r/t? Many of the women I bang online tell Me right up front that they'll be thinking of Me later as they pleasure themselves, when they go to bed, and they add a wink and a smile to it.
Love your new blog, Hot Pants!


Anastasia said...

I think I've faked more 'real' sex orgasms, with other people than cyber orgasms. I think with cyber, there is a different ambience, and it really minimizes any negatives (that may interrupt orgasm), so a person flows freely because their mind is focused 100% on the fantasy.