20 February, 2011

A kiss is just a kiss...not

Ever wondered about the political uses of a kiss, the kiss's changing status or legendary movie kisses? Do you find yourself needing to say the word in Albanian, Icelandic or even, perchance, Maori?

Fear not. "A Compendium of Kisses," the guide to everything oscular -- that's "of or pertaining to kissing" for the unenlightened -- tells all about one of the world's most universal gestures, whether simple greeting or sublime.

"When I came to look at the kiss, the romantic side is such a small part of it," said British novelist and actress Lana Citron, who compiled the book.

"I love how when you're born, the first thing is, you're kissed, you're welcomed into the world. It's this little gesture that follows you throughout life, through all the most important parts of your life."

Citron's interest in kisses began with a short story she wrote a decade ago about a lonely woman who collected kisses in jars -- such as one for the lover who spurned her, one that was full of yearning -- and labeled them.

That led to her invitation to do an installation of kisses in jars, all labeled, as part of an art exhibition. The response of viewers sent her to the internet, searching out books on kisses and deciding to write her own when nothing seemed just right.

"It was almost like opening a Pandora's chest and just being overwhelmed by all the different ways a kiss is expressed, the meanings attached to it and the things it symbolizes," she said.

"I fell in love with it, I really did. I was submerged in the world of kisses for a year and came out of it with a book." Read on >>

Sex keeps you warm in winter

Sex is a great way to keep warm during these cold winter months and being creative in finding ways to burn up the sheets will only add to the heat. Sharing body heat is a great way to conserve energy and your fuel bill will not be sky high! Nothing beats staying in and having hot sex on a cold night, especially compared to driving in the snow, scraping the windshield, and shoveling the drive.

If you want to put some extra heat between your sheets while waiting for the sunny days of spring here are a few tips and tricks to help your sex life be a breeze rather than freeze.

* Go from water to land. Take a hot shower or bath together to warm up. Lathering each other up and rinsing each other off will do more than steam up your bathroom mirrors. Then towel each other off and hit the bed.
* Next time you hit the sheets with your partner, get in bed completely dressed. I know that is the opposite of what people usually do but shedding the extra layers while you are making out under the sheets will turn up your body heat and your sexual heat. You won’t be able to wait to get to the bottom of each other’s layers and feel that skin on skin.
* Use those sex toys! I have a friend who told me every time she uses her Hitachi Magic Wand, she can feel her body getting hotter until her whole body is perspiring. She actually has to toss the covers off! Getting the extra stimulation sex toys can give will keep even the coldest couple basking in the warmth.
* If you have a fireplace, use it! You don’t need to do the stereotypical bearskin rug thing to make hot love in front of the flames. Try pulling an armless chair in front of the fireplace and straddling your partner while you feel and make the heat. Read more>>

09 February, 2011

31 January, 2011

14 Sex Mistakes Real Men Never Make

It’s tough to tell a man how to do anything right. Every woman knows this. It’s a big part of the reason that guys think they’re getting chicks off when they’re actually not.

Asking To Have Sex

Asking to have sex is like asking your mother if you can have a girl over your own apartment. When you ask, you immediately show a lack of confidence and control – two essential alpha characteristics that deep-down, all women crave.

Solution: Work up the physical escalation ladder by starting out with basic touching and kissing. She will respectfully stop you if she doesn’t want sex. In which case, freeze her out by checking your facebook. Repeat as needed.

Giving Her A Hickey

If you’re in 8th grade, feel free to move on to the next tip. For the rest of you, she’s guaranteed to feel like a cheap hooker sporting her temporary sex-tattoo the next day at the office. Only the inexperienced leave hickies.

Solution: Avoid inadvertent hickies by going mouth wide around her neck & working in your tongue. Slowly close your lips until your kissing it. The key to avoid suction is by breathing out of your nose.

Not Going Down On Her

You simply aren’t a man if you don’t go down on your lady. The majority of female-orgasms are orally induced, and for chicks, unforgettable sex includes great oral skills. Skipping oral is like playing basketball against Blake Griffin in your socks, you don’t stand a chance.

Solution: Go down on her, pussy.

Rushing Through Foreplay

Sex is like an epic movie, it’s at its best when you have the proper build up of tension leading to a climatic explosion. By skipping foreplay, you limit your chance of creating an Oscar worthy performance. The more and better the foreplay, the greater the chance she will come. Simple.

Solution: Slow the fuck down. She isn’t going anywhere and it’ll guarantee you get yours. You should spend at least 10 minutes in foreplay, teasing and building her up. She’ll be soaked in anticipation.

read more>>

Worst Sex Advice Ever (For men)

1. When she leans down to pick up her napkin, say, “While you’re down there…” and leer at her while you push your crotch out. Then when she laughs awkwardly, huff and tell her parents—who invited you to dinner—that “their daughter has lost her sense of adventure.”

2. Initiate sex with her when she’s late to take the kids to school, while she’s on the phone with her sick grandmother, or 30 minutes after she falls asleep.

3. During sex, grab your partner’s belly and shake it while making menacing Jabba-the-Hut sounds. Then say you’re just kidding. Girls love a guy with a good sense of humor.

4. Call her by your ex-girlfriend’s name. Often. Then tell her you only do it because neither of you will do that thing he likes. You know…that thing that Samantha did. Then never explain who Samantha is or what she did. A girl likes a man with mystery.

5. When your girl has food poisoning and is throwing up things she ate in 1982, huff loudly and say, “Well, I guess we won’t be having sex tonight!” That way, she’ll know you care. About her vagina.

6. Insult all of her friends. Except for the ones that you point out that you would have a three-way with. That way she knows she’s special and that you have discriminating tastes.

7. Sleep with her sister. That way she’ll know you love her family, too.

24 January, 2011

Sexy Bouquet

Cecelia Webber Makes Bouquets with Sexy Naked Bodies!

Fantasize about becoming an escort?

“Charlotte Shane” pens a blog called Nightmare Brunette about her experiences in sex work. In a stellar piece on Salon.com, “Charlotte” explains she tries her hardest not to glamorize prostitution like Hollywood. “I never intend to glamorize my profession, and I don’t list expensive gifts I receive or lavish items I buy for myself,” she wrote. “I avoid rhapsodizing about exotic vacations or name-dropping hotels. I never disclose my rates and I don’t claim every encounter ends in mind-blowing orgasms—or any orgasm at all. That type of sensationalistic hype is really only good for selling books or selling face time on TV shows, neither of which I’m interested in.” She tries to be honest about what working as an escort really is: a job.

Yet she thinks she knows what’s caused dozens of girls between the ages of 18 and 25 to write her emails expressing an interest in prostitution, apparently willfully ignoring the grittier realities that lie behind the “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” gloss: sexual insecurity and a desire to literally put a price on one’s beauty and sexual savvy as confirmation. Read more >>

Stop Calling Him Honey

When you first started dating your husband, remember how nice it was to say his name when you spoke to him or called his work and asked for him? You probably thought, "Wow, I like this guy and I like his name too."

Now, like the authors Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis, I have talked to plenty of women and men in my life about relationships, and I can say that the man's name never came up in the conversation as part of the attraction. And as far as research and scientific method - this book candidly eschews such works as "only treating the symptoms" or "extremely academic" and most other books on the subject "offered very little in the way of effective or understandable advice." They were shocked...shocked!...to find that in none of their search for answers for why a couple's sex life winds down did ANY of them make the "honey" connection. Don't worry though! Arana and Davis to the rescue!

Arana and Davis have some sound advice, but they do some theological gymnastics to make what they find fit their theory that calling your lover honey is a death knell to your sex life; for instance, connecting the word honey as a catalyst to couples who baby talk and engage in more child/parent type relationships to the demise of their sex life. Is it really the practice of saying "Honey" that turns a relationship into that? Isn't there just a bit more to it than that? They cite examples of this and then JUST by saying your partner's given name - all is cured. It's too simplistic. They dismiss terms of endearment as silly, superfluous and relationship killers. In their defense, I agree that names do matter - but everyone knows that - one man finds joy in calling his menopausal wife his "dead vessel." How is that equated to calling your husband Hon? Or he calling you sweetie? Read on >>

20 January, 2011

No To Oral Sex? You Can Still Have A Great Sex Life

Foreplay is an important part of having a satisfying sexual experience. It is not just about the size of the male partner's penis or how flexible your female partner is. Building up to the final act is an vital part of the whole sexual experience. If you and your partner are pretty much going straight to the sexual intercourse, your sex life will become predictable, and possibly leading to sexual frustration in one or both of the partners.

Oral sex can be very pleasurable and cause the male or female to achieve an orgasm even prior to sexual intercourse. While the majority of men and women who receive oral enjoy it, there are are number of individuals who do not like to give or receive it.

Why Do Individuals Not Enjoy Receiving or Giving Oral Sex?

Women who do not like receiving oral sex may feel self conscious about how she tastes or smells down there. Some women may also feel uncomfortable about how their vagina looks, and may be more comfortable receiving oral if the lights are turned off. If your female partner shows discomfort in receiving oral, ease her into it. Let her know that you enjoy pleasuring her that way and while you are doing it, express your happiness in doing it by telling her "You taste so good" or "I love making you have an orgasm this way." You can also suggest using a flavored lubricant to make her feel more comfortable if she is worried about how she tastes or smells down there. If you partner is absolutely against it, respect her wishes and do not do it.

Although the majority of men do enjoy receiving oral sex, believe it or not, there are men who prefer not to receive it. Similar to women, he may feel self conscious about the way he tastes. He may also worry about making the female gag. He may also feel a little vulnerable, or be afraid of accidently biting or discomfort of the teeth scraping against his sensitive penis. Read more >>