27 October, 2008


Wonderfully shaped with a nice round head, I take him deep into my mouth as he lets out the first of many moans that night. I can tell he hasn’t had sex in awhile so I take my time with him, teasing, licking, sucking and tonguing his entire shaft. Feeling the pressure build, I lean further down, taking his balls in my mouth and sucking them – he’s watching me and I look up into his eyes as I lick lower yet … licking his perineum and ass … making him writhe on the bed. His cock is jumping a bit … he’s not had this done and isn’t sure about me licking him here but ultimately some well placed pressure on his perineum and a deep throating by me sends a gusher of cum down my throat. It seems like he is cumming for hours with the load he sends down my throat. I suck it down, massaging his balls and cock as I do, taking each drop into my mouth. He calls my name as he cums and the sound is music to my ears.

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Loving Annie said...

You wrote what I so wanted to do to Mike.... I wonder if I'll ever adore anyone again like that, want him so much, want to please him so much, love the thought of turning him on just like that....